Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of Pakistan Part VIII: Androoneh shaihair; Old City, Lahore.

Photo courtesy of Joselyn Fine, my sister’s best friend who visited Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan this year.



  1. That is truly evocative. It feels like a view that hasn’t changed for centuries. Impressive.

  2. Snapped from inside the fort I guess. It’s been ages since I’ve been there. :-)

  3. gourmand says:

    What a photo capturing three monuments…the Badshahi Mosque, Raja Ranjit Singh’s mausoleum and the Fort! Splendid take by Josyln and thanks, Spicey for posting it.

  4. hi shayma, i’m a lahori living in new york, simply love your blog and everything about it. i recently started a blog of my own, and the first post was about the Androon Shehr. thought you might be interested in it, got history, some pictures etc:
    btw the baked eggs were haseen!!

  5. Beautiful picture, shows the true beauty of Pakistan.Wish I can visit.


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