Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of Pakistan Part VII: Having a challi -corn on the cob grilled over coal embers- from the roadside in Karachi, January 2010.



  1. oh yum!
    those are very popular in Croatia, too. grilled or boiled, they’re sold in the streets in the summer.

  2. That looks fantastic! I love fresh corn like that :)

  3. Bhuuutttaaaa.

  4. love grilled corn! those are very popular in Iran too. looks so delicious!x

  5. That looks marvelous! We grill (and butter) fresh corn all summer long. xx

  6. Great photo! I am having a flashback of Beirut streets and corn vendors!

  7. This looks delicious – i never think of Corn and Pakistan together, seems silly knowing how good it tastes and seeing this picture. And cooked over coal too – heaven!

  8. Thanks so much for bringing back my memory of corn next to the beach in Karachi. And the addition of lime juice and chilli is just perfect.

  9. this corn is calling my name.. i almost bit my screen..LOL!

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