Spiced Tomato Sauce Omelette in the Pakistani Manner

Tomato Sauce Omelette (1 of 1)-2

Hello, lovely readers. Apologies for the silence…as many of you know, I have been bedridden for the past two weeks; first with the full-blown influenza and then with pneumonia. I am on the mend now and elated to be back in the kitchen.Read More

Egg Curry in the Pakistani Manner

curry eggs2

I just got back home to Toronto, after spending a week with my family in Washington, DC. It is 6am and I am spooning coffee grinds into my moka to make a caffé latte. At this time, I know that my father is awake already and sitting in his solarium, his putty-coloured cashmere shawl covering his legs while he eats his morning porridge, adorned with a lazy trail of maple syrup and dried apricots. Read More

‘Khagina’: Aromatic Scrambled Eggs

The French have their pillowy, like-a-curdled-creme, soufflé-like version of scrambled eggs. The Latin Americans have their huevos revueltos; the Colombians serve theirs with pillowy arepas. Us Pakistanis & Afghans have our own version of scrambled eggs, called Khagina. Read More