Feta Crostini in the Persian Manner

Feta Crostini

I remember seeing a fabulous recipe in one of my cookery books – it was a puff pastry roll stuffed with mashed potato and gorgonzola. I know, ‘carb on carb’ sounds strange (and naughty), right? Well, it’s just the sort of thing I love. I wanted to prepare this at home as a first course. It would be lovely with a Chablis. Of course, when the time came to prepare it, I could not find the book – was the recipe from my beloved, yellow-paged, slightly tattered New York Times cookery book? I had picked it up near our library at home in DC for $2. Alas, I simply could not find this recipe; I doubt it was from this book.

And that’s how these crostini were born. I had some gorgeous vermillion-hued saffron-specked honey which I had made earlier that morning, as well as walnut paste (I love to mix a teaspoon of it into my strained yoghurt with a slow drizzle of maple syrup in the mornings). I sliced pieces of whole wheat baguette, brushed them with olive oil and under the broiler they went for 30 seconds. After the crostini became golden around the edges, I took them out and slathered on some soft and creamy Persian feta, added the walnut paste and scattered a few pistachio slivers over it. Then, finally, I dotted it with saffron-honey. The musky aroma of the saffron and the sweetness of the honey paired so beautifully well with the feta.

What did you create this weekend?




  1. I had some barley risotto with feta crumbled on top, and now have loads of feta leftover! This post has inspired me 🙂

  2. Hum ! I dade bidad !!!

  3. mehrunnisa says:

    s, this is such a beautiful combination. the honey is like a deep amber. i should try and infuse some for myself at home. how do you make your walnut paste? just by blitzing toasting walnuts to make butter? last night i made mezze bowls of borani spinach with honey toasted walnuts and beets. i sprinkled it with dried mint as you wrote in your earlier post and finished it with a generous amount of olive oil.

    o and i are leaving for mykonos and athens on wednesday so i am in the process of clearing the fridge. looks like it with a herb and cheese omelette tonight.

  4. I could live simply on food like this!

  5. Lovely space you have!!! Happy to connect…

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