Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of Pakistan Part II: ‘Truck Art’, Karachi, December 2009.



  1. Oh wow, I love those colours! One of the prettiest pics of truck art I’ve ever seen. Did you take this?

  2. @Sharbet Thank you so much, yes, I took this photo. The photos on this blog are all taken taken by me, unless otherwise stated at the end of each post.

  3. Very attractive picture and colourful, just like your posts. I am getting accustomed to this wordless Wednesday’s concept….great addition to your site.

  4. This makes me feel so nostalgic as it’s a reminder of all the road trips we used to take as a family and you always see these trucks on the ‘highway’- as called in Pakistan.

    Such an iconic photo for all of us, you’re really gifted in the conceptualism of your stories even when they are wordless!

  5. That is a great picture! What camera do you use? Truck and Rickshaw art and poetry made being stuck in Karachi traffic so entertaining!

  6. Beautiful and I want one!

  7. Fabulous.

  8. Wow! Such a glorious display of colours. Love it :)

  9. A kaleidoscope!

  10. Thank you for all your lovely comments. These trucks are just gorgeous and vibrant, the owners of the trucks adorn them so beautifully, and treat them as they would their own offspring.

    @Nida I have talked about the camera here, on my About page

  11. Great image and fabulous colors Shayma jan. Everyone should have a car like that! loud but fun!x

  12. Love that truck! Great concept! In Lebanon, trucks are everywhere on the road and not so pretty like this one and its gets pretty annoying; for some reason, trucks are inspiring filmmakers and a couple movies were made recently with the theme being a truck~ (el bosta)

  13. I love Pakistani buses! The artwork is spectacular, on par with some of the most exquisite canvas pieces!

  14. Love the wordless Wed!

  15. How amazingly weird and wonderful. Love it. xx

  16. I love the colors of Pakistan. Especially the dresses on little girls…with lots of bracelets :))) they are just SOOO CUTTEE!

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