Top 50 Food Website in the World

The Spice Spoon, Top 50 Website in the World

Toot toot! That is the sound of my horn, and I hope you don’t mind the sound of it, because The Spice Spoon was featured in The Independent as 50 of the world’s best food websites.

‘Stunning photography, beautiful food and evocative writing, Shayma Saadat’s Pakistani/ Afghan/Persian blog is a treat,’ says Nick. ‘Very original recipes from a blogger who is keen to offer a much-needed dose of humanity and romanticism to the countries of her heritage.’



  1. Congratulations Shayma. You deserve to toot your own horn!!

  2. Congratulations,from a huge fan!! 🙂

  3. And it lead me here! I look forward to browsing your site and reading future posts. Congratulations.

  4. Congratulations! I’ve been a reader for quite sometime now. You are an amazing writer and photographer. Keep up the good work!

  5. congrats!!! best ov luck for the future!!! your blog truly is amazing…=)

  6. Congratulations are in order! And…well deserved. You must have been tickled pink to see this.

  7. Congratulations!!! Masallah!

  8. Hello! I am your new reader who came across your blog via article in the Independent. Well done!

  9. Rekhmina says:

    You totally deserve it! Congratulations! 🙂

  10. Congratulations Shayma…Well deserved recognition for an amazing blog…

  11. Sadaf Baig says:

    Well desrved. I love your blog to no end and love your stories even more.

  12. WOW Shayma…what awesome news, congratulations! Of course, this comes as no surprise to your devoted readers (like me), but how lovely to see the rest of the world recognize your terrific talents. Hooray! – S

  13. annalisa says:


  14. Yay you darling girl. So PROUD of you and happy too! You deserve all the accolades and more…Good for you!

  15. I’m SO glad for you…You deserve it !!!!!!

  16. congrats, that’s brilliant Shayma! x

  17. Congrats! Well deserved indeed 🙂

  18. Shaista says:

    congrats girly mwah

  19. Super well done, sending huggles of congratulations to you. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I love visiting it. I hope you are having a glorious summer break. I’m looking forward to relishing more recipes from you next month.

    Sending care and many huggles,

    Michelle, downunder in New Zealand

  20. Congratulations!! I very much like your blog, delicious recipes, great photos and good writing.

  21. Congrats Shayma. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

  22. Kudos to you, lovely Shayma!!

  23. Congratulations! what a lovely thing. Hope you’re having a good holiday.

  24. Congratulations!Your picture is always beautiful and looks delicious!

  25. Congratulations Shayma. You definitely deserve this.

  26. Thumbs up Shayma, this is excellent.

  27. Hey Congratulations. Well deserved that was. Your recipes are always great 🙂

  28. Exactly where you belong! LLGxx

  29. Congratulations! Glad to see others share my taste for your blog, photos, recipes, and most of all, writing. XOX, J.

  30. Good job Shayma! I love the review as well; you’re providing a wonderful insight into these countries, especially Pakistan, which such elegant simplicity. I love it.

  31. Hey Shayma,
    Just stumbled across your blog today in cyberspace and absolutely loved it! Congratulations on the honors… and you have a loyal follower in me now 🙂 I’m Indian and love the cuisine of Punjab, Pakistan and the North-West Frontier… But Mughlai and Pakistani food in India is today limited to what the restaurants offer and feature the usual suspects like Biryani and a few kababs.
    I’m super thrilled to discover the treasures you have captured and recorded in your blog! great going… and keep writing!

  32. Heartfelt and genuine thanks for all the congrats and comments you have all left for me. x shayma

  33. You had to win. Its just not food… but the love behind it that makes this place so special. My grandmother and mother always cooked ‘andaaze se’ and I have taken to it too. This blog makes me so nostalgic 🙂

  34. oh yes yes yes! go you, shayma! i know i’m late w/ the congrats but better late than never. i can say, “i knew you when…”. you have an excellent food blog.

  35. Shayma … love your photography …. and food ideas. Congratulations !

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