The Spice Spoon Will Be Back…

Heavy work schedule, just taking a break, dear readers. Inshallah, The Spice Spoon will be back…



  1. Inshallah. I’ll miss reading your blog. I’ve learned a lot about cuisines I love but don’t know enough about.

  2. Don’t work TOO hard! We shall be waiting for you! x

  3. Good luck with work!

  4. Hope you don’t work too hard! Will be awaiting your return!

  5. Dear SHAYMA!!! You are doing a great work!!! Please relax and come to us soon!

  6. We’ll miss you while you’re gone, but it’s important to recharge the blogging batteries and not do too much all at once. I hope your other work won’t be too hectic! We’ll see you soon 🙂

  7. take your time, you’ll be back w/your usual flying colors!

  8. You deserve a break, so enjoy yourself! needless to say your posts will be missed!

  9. Looking forward to your return. But you’ve enough back recipes to keep me busy for a while …..

  10. Thank you, lovely Shayma, you will give me time to catch up on your stunning blog!

  11. Shayma, if youmade these pakoras, would you mind sharing the recipe?

    • Hi Ruma, I didn’t make these, the students in my friend Hande’s school did- at the Istanbul Culinary Institute, that’s where I took the photo.

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