Happy Summer Hols to everyone- The Spice Spoon will be back in August…

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul

At the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul last summer, having lots of scrumptious little bites and long, cool drinks.

Shayma Saadat,  Çırağan Palace, Istanbul

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul

Ciragan Palace, Istanbul



  1. yes. scrumptious treats, indeed! :p 🙂

  2. Happy summer hols too! Look forward to reading more come August x

  3. Have a good trip

  4. wonderful photos of the world’s most delish city.
    enjoy your holiday!

  5. Ciao ! I hope you will enjoy every moment !Write me when you are here, I’d love to meet you ! baci

  6. I would love to see Istanbul. It looks like such a beautiful city with a rich heritage…and so different from what we know in the US. Have a wonderful holiday…we’re almost headed out too!

  7. Stunning pics, look ever so stylish in the first one where r u off to this year?

  8. Enjoy your summer holidays-I read you were with your family on twitter, savor the time. 🙂

    Wonderful photos of Istanbul. I want to go to Turkey, my Taya lives there! 🙂

    Let me know when you’re back.

  9. These look too cute to eat! Have a wonderful summer!

  10. lovely….mouth watering…da blog overall sounds awsome!

  11. Hope you have a lovely holiday! Can’t wait to see what you’ve eaten on your travels… 🙂

  12. hello gorgeous! you, my dear, are the prettiest thing. i loved my time in istanbul. have a lovely trip! xx.

  13. No Spice Spoon till August…whatever will I do? Have a great vacation, Shayma, we’ll see you soon! – S

  14. Bellissima, Happy holidays – enough time for me to try all your recipes 🙂

  15. wonderful photos! wish you a good trip

  16. Happy holidays Shayma! Hope you have a lovely summer with a foodie filled time away. Looking forward to reading more once your back x

  17. Happy summer Shayma! Enjoy your holiday 🙂

  18. Hope ur having a great summer…the pictures are mouthwatering…will u be putting up the recipes for the little mini deserts pictures on this page….you have given me some ideas on what to put out for my eid appetizers and audeourves..I’m so glad I found your blog

  19. I love the pictures on your blog! Makes me so hungry every time I visit your site. I’ve been on the hunt for chocolaate eclairs in Toronto – have you managed to find some in the city?

  20. *chocolate

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