The Spice Spoon in The Globe and Mail

Today I was featured in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest English-language circulation newspaper, on the front page of the Globe Life section. The article was entitled: Cooking As Therapy.

Here is the link to the article below.



  1. Gourmand says:

    Congrats dear Spicey for the acclaim and the fantastic interview. I particularly loved the ultimate sentence where you poetically describe the philosophy behind your cooking. All fans of the blog feel proud today!!!!

  2. Shayma,

    Congratulations! What a lovely article and so very true!

  3. Shayma,
    That is indeed great news. Thanks to Sandeepa I got introduced to your wonderful blog.

  4. OMG how exciting!! You mus be delighted! Congrats my dear! 🙂

  5. Congrats, Shayma, this is lovely!

  6. Congratulations Shayma! Love that photo you look extra beautiful! Combining looks and beauty is one powerful asset!

  7. Well done you! Shayma. Next will be publishing your own cookbook heh!

  8. Oh, that’s wonderful!

  9. Shayma
    I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD!! I feel it is merely moments until you become a culinary superstar and I will be boasting to my friends that ‘I knew you when’ and trying to claim some sort of responsibility for your success (and of course they will rightly roll their eyes and disbelieve me).
    The fact that you are stunningly gorgeous is something that we all knew – handsome is as handsome does, after all, but how you remain so slender after cooking after all that delicious food is a total conundrum. Please publish the secret recipe for that!

    Much love and bursting with pride
    Mothership xoxooxxooxxoxoooxoxxoxoox

  10. Just now seeing this. This is wonderful! Beautiful quotes, beautiful pictures. Congrats, my friend!

  11. Hi Shayma and congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Wow Shayma, congratulations!!!! I loved the article, and you look so beautiful in that picture. Well done!

    Luiz @ The London Foodie

  13. Shayma,
    So impressed by this great coverage, and so happy to see your wonderful message getting out to the world! xo

  14. I am so proud of you… you just rock Shayma! It’s a wonderful milestone in every way. xoxoxo

  15. Congratulations to you. I came here by way of my father-in-law who emailed me to see if I was familiar with your blog, after he read about you in the Globe. He’s 72 and thought you sounded great. I’m so glad he directed me…now I can curl up and read your archives.

  16. Brilliant. Congratulations on your feature! Very well deserved.

  17. Mabrook Mabrook!

  18. Shayma, I am so delighted and honored you dropped by my blog and left me a comment. I remember seeing the link to this wonderful article but didn’t tie your comment to this article till now. So, let’s visit each other’s blogs. I like anyone who’ll explore cooking. Where in Asia did you live? My mom is from S’pore and my dad from Malacca though he’s Hakka.

  19. Thank you so much for all the lovely words and wishes. It was a very exciting day for me when the article came out, thank you again for the kind words. Best wishes to all, shayma

  20. Always pleased to see my friends get the credit they deserve, and delighted to see you in print in such good company. Thrilled for you. XX

  21. Congratulations Shayma, this is huge! I can imagine how fantastic this feels! You so much deserve it! The photo of you is great, you are really beautiful!

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