Film Shoot for Fiesta Farms – Spice Spoon

I did a film shoot for Fiesta Farms in Toronto – more soon! In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the film shoot and a sneak peek of the Peach Galette I made, using some Pakistani spices.

Fiesta Farms Film Brickworks Shayma Saadat 2

Fiesta Farms Film Shoot Home2 Shayma Saadat

Fiesta Farms Film Shoot Home 3 Shayma Saadat



  1. Exciting – can’t wait to see more!

  2. cannot wait to see the results!!

  3. Too chic for words, and I’m speaking of both you AND your food!

  4. Shayma you look FIERCE in that red dress, I have to confess that while I love your recipes I love your style too!

  5. I always love reading your posts. They give me a visual detail of the story. I almost could see the Royal Doulton plates and platters and you running around the house. My Maa being restricted to resources, always put up her best. Even with a short notice, Baba will run to the local market and bring back whatever best he could afford. Maa will sweat in her tiny kitchen until she makes sure she is happy with the menu. I am like you. I try my best, adapting to my life but still being my Maa. I never paid attention to her cooking as a kid but somehow her way of cooking is ingrained in me. I think in general it’s an Asian culture to treat guests like that. In Hindu culture, there is a saying in Sanskrit “atithi deva bhaba” meaning ‘guests are God like” and should be treated like that.


  1. Rashmi Patel Torrington

    Film Shoot for Fiesta Farms – Spice Spoon — Silk Route food memoir by Shayma Saadat – The Spice Spoon

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