Eid Mubarak – 2010

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak.

We had a luncheon at our home, serving a deconstructed raita‘- heirloom tomatoes and dainty Persian cucumbers served atop a pillowy layer of creamy Greek yoghurt, dusted with salt and cayenne pepper; an aromatic chicken rice pilaf (yakhni palao); and an aubergine, greek yoghurt and savoury mince dish. I roasted the shiny-skinned aubergines in the oven, scooped out the velvety flesh, sautéed it with onions and roasted cumin, slathered some Greek yoghurt on top, and added the savoury mince with chiffoned fresh mint.

We rounded off the meal with cups of shir khurma, a thick, creamy pudding made of vermicelli, roasted cardamom seeds, full-cream milk, almonds and sultanas. And sugar, lots of sugar. It was polished off before I could take any photos of it.

Hope everyone’s Eid was as wonderful as ours.

I shall be posting the recipes in separate posts this month.



  1. Looks gorgeous, and so do you – love the earrings! Px

  2. Eid Mubaraq to you Shyama…Lovely pics of the feast!

  3. This looks and sounds like a perfect feast, your deconstructed raita is just gorgeous. Thank you for linking back to your sweet pasta pudding, it sounds like something I must try. What about the other dishes in the photo, the one with the cinnamon stick on top, and the one in the tart dish with yoghurt and ground lamb? on top…they all look so good, are the recipes somewhere on the site? – S

  4. Thankyou and Khair Mubarik. 🙂

  5. OMG I’m drooling!!! What a feast!!! LOVE the idea of “deconstructed raita” It looks gorgeous especially with you holding it!!! you look beautiful as usual and love your earrings! 🙂

  6. Very pretty!! Love the braid and jhumkas:)

  7. @Pamela @Humyra @Sara Thanks, girls- the ‘jhumkas’ are my mother’s from her trousseau.

    @Tanvi Thank you, and thanks for stopping by.

    @Oui, Chef Thanks, Steve, I shall put up the recipes in separate posts- we’re very busy eating at the moment 😉

    @Umair Eid mubarik to you and yours.

  8. Eid Mubarak to you and your family! I have been on such a binge mode this Eid. We ate so much beef nihari with tandoori roti with sheer kurma.

    You look sooooo pretty! =)

  9. shayms, you look so pretty. good food too. and love the tetraptych. xox.

  10. amazing spread. do you have recipes for the yakhni palao and eggplant/yogurt/mince dishes? we love pakistani food! (you’re stunning, by the way!)



  11. So beautiful as always, carissima. I’m late to the party but Eid Mubarak. xxx

  12. What a wonderful way to celebrate, it all looks fantastic.

  13. It sounds and looks delicious; looking forward to seeing the recipes!

  14. Eid Mubarak, Shayms!! Your Eid lunch looks fantastic!Missed you here in DC.

  15. Happy Eid – looks like a wonderful way to celebrate. My colleague who was fasting celebrated at school with a school lunch being her first big meal. Not quite the same as your spread but we were happy to celebrate with her!

  16. fabulous dear shayma — by the way, you couldn’t be a more gorgeous lady, inside and out. love the photo!

  17. Eid Mubarak, lovely Shayma! Can’t wait for the recipes.

  18. Eid Mubarak – Shayma you look beautiful namekhuda! and the pulao looks yum! I can’t say this enough but your blog is by far my most favourite. Always relaxing to be on your page when work gets a little too much and I squeeze a 10 minute break into the madness just to see what you’ve been cooking and posting! 🙂

  19. a beautiful eid spread! you look lovely too! your photos look so warm and inviting.
    we had chicken pulao as well with kharay masalay ka gosht. 🙂

  20. Belated Eid Mubarak, Shayma. We were in our local Bengali-run restaurant last week just before sundown and our friend Faisel (the owner’s son) just looked exhausted and starving. I asked him which was worse, the fasting or the serving of customers when fasting. He smiled and said that he was sure he was going to heaven if he could maintain his fast throughout Ramadan and still work in his restaurant lunch and dinner 6 days a week. He only had three more days at that point and I hope that he celebrated Eid as elegantly and deliciously as you clearly did!

  21. yum!!! hope you had a lovely eid! missed you in dc!

  22. Better late than never. You look ever so PURTY!!

  23. That aubergine dish sounds AMAZING. Can’t wait to see your recipe! And that chicken pilaf too!

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