BBC Good Food Magazine India

I was commissioned by BBC Good Food Magazine, India to develop and photograph a ‘Pakistani Feast’ as an 8-page feature for their current (October, 2012) issue.

Shir Khurma

Shahi Zafrani Sharbat

Chicken Karhai

Baingan Borani

Hunza-style Khobani ki Chutney

Yakhni Pulao



  1. Stunning! Super well done… x

  2. Please share your recipes too!

  3. awesome lovvvvvve the photos. Such exotic please.

  4. This is one fantastic looking spread! I really hope we get to have a real dinner party one day 🙂

  5. oh i just saw the issue last night at home.. havent really gone thru it yet.. i have my eye on the yakhni pulao!!!

  6. Alia Amin says:

    What a lovely spread Shayma! cant wait to make your version of these mouthwatering dishes!

  7. Congratulations Shayma…
    Beautiful pictures as always…

  8. Shayma – So happy to see this issue. Have always refrained myself from making any political comment on my blog and elsewhere. But this does bring in lot of hope in the minds of common people – for whom the ‘border’ does not exist. Obviously the dishes look awesome, but simply thrilled that at long last the media is making an effort to weave the gap. Good wishes:)

  9. I’ve water in my mouth…..

    How can we get these recipes?

    Congratulations on your baby girl!


  10. I subscribe to Good Food Magazine India and I was presently surprised to see you in it this month when I received my copy 🙂
    Beautiful photos and recipes as always!

  11. What a fantastic spread, I’m so happy for your continued success!

  12. Oh wow S this is amazing – well done. The pictures are stunning as ever.

  13. Shyma,

    Congratulations….I was waiting for you to mention your feature in GoodFood on your blog….

    Its a special issue for me …and you have a big role to play in it… I started my blog inspired by you….Iv been following your blog for the longest time…you got me to start writing my own blog!

    And im so thrilled the October issue has a tiny picture of me and a mention of my blog on page 16

    So its like my baby step into the world of Food ….this issue is a keepsake for me and Im so glad you are featured in it too…because you are the reason behind my blog in the first place!

    Congratulations and may there be many more such milestones!

    Do stop by and visit my blog when you find time



  14. Fabulous. Beautiful photos and I am sure everything is absolutely delicious, as all of your creations are.

  15. Oh wow, my mouth started watering immediately when I saw the Chicken Karahi. This all looks so good but that is my favorite.

  16. Shalini Grover says:

    Shayma, I can’t wait to try your yakhni pulao….and the pictures are all just fabulous!

  17. Superb pictures and brilliant recipes.You make an interesting read…refreshing and real

  18. Hi Shayma,
    First of all, congratulations on the arrival on your little one! I had no idea you were expecting! Lovely, lovely. And, these images and dishes all sound AMAZING!!!!!!! Congratulations on the feature….I’d love to see your recipes in more places too….like at our farm =) Is there a book coming soon? Take care and big congratulations again darling! xx

  19. Congratulations on the feature! Everything looks amazing and delicious!

  20. Lovely photographs! That menu looks so tempting!

  21. Gorgeous story and the photographs are absolutely stunning. Just waiting for the recipes now…

  22. Shayma! That’s wonderful – congratulations! It’s been so long. I hope you’re well. Tanti saluti!

  23. Just stumbled upon your website, I really love what you have done. It’s very inspiring to see multifaceted pakistani women. I’m going to show this blog to my 9 year old daughter. Hope motherhood is treating you well, congrats on your little one:)

  24. Congrats Shayma — You deserve the recognition.

    The photographs and dishes look amazing.

  25. Congratulations! So well deserved. Beautiful spread of photos with delicious looking dishes.

  26. This issue of the GoodFood is a keeper for sure! Love the dishes you have chosen and the pictures are gorgeous! I have been on a blogging sabbatical too, so belated congratulations on the Tiny Spoon’s arrival!

  27. My ‘star’ friend, you make us proud every day with your talent and feats. Bravo!

  28. These look fantastic but where can we get the recipes? I would love to cook this for my family. Please help with this request as I see others have asked in the past so are keen to make them. Thank you.

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