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Weekend Reads

Hello, lovelies.

I’ve been feeling a bit inundated with social media these days – so many interesting articles to read out there, but sometimes I wish they could be curated by someone. Don’t you feel that way? I’m putting together a list of five of my favourites, which I will share with you each Friday. Buon Weekend x

For those of you who want to write more – this really motivated me: ‘True Grit, How to Build Up Your Resilience‘. They say, if you can write, you’re a writer. 

This reminds me of one of the best pieces I ever read, regarding productivity. Jerry Seinfeld is right – don’t break that chain, keep doing what you do every single day.

Have you gone analogue as of late? I have; I keep my pen and journal on me all the time. I have had chronic pain because of my RSI for the past 6 months now, so typing (depending on my flare days) can be very painful at times (on my left hand, especially). Here’s a lovely piece on ‘The Radical Notion to Return to Handwriting‘.

I’ve recently started reading from a Kindle (here is my profile on GoodReads)- and just last week I started listening to an audiobook – it feels a bit strange, but I am getting used to it. I’m reading this novel right now- a dark take on marriage – have any of you read it? Do you like audiobooks?

This is how the Big Whigs self-publish their cookery books – with $750,000 to $830,000, which includes a Kickstarter campaign.