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Torn Between Worlds

Shayma Evren Paris

In a few hours, I am heading to my other home, Washington, DC, where my family lives. My parents spend the long, winter months in Lahore, where it is warmer and you can sit in the garden during the day, feasting on dried apricots and walnuts from the Hunza valley alongside cups of hot tea. My mother and father return to DC when the cherry blossoms start to bloom and cyclists with their toddlers in bike trailers in tow, start to flood the C&O Canal trail near our home.  While in DC, I like to laze at home with my father and eat slices of Copperthite Pie Company’s salty, flaky, buttery crust filled with cinnamon-spiced apples, his favourite. I love going shopping with my mother and sisters, because they are the only ones who will tell me that my bum looks too big in those inky-blue jeans, which I am determined to waste $200 on. In the evenings, my brother-in-law and I talk ad nauseum about the merits of Hendricks vs. Bombay Sapphire. I personally think he only likes Hendrick’s for their apothecary-inspired bottles, but he will never admit that.Read More

Chana Masala – Chickpeas in the Pakistani Manner

Chana Masala

This recipe is a little over ten years too late. I had promised to scribble it down for my dear friend, Gabi, after we devoured a plate of it, sitting on my bed, in my apartment in Rome, mopping up the spicy, oily tomato sauce with soft pizza bianca, flecked with sea salt crystals, fragrant with olive oil and reminiscent of a naan freshly taken out of a tandoor back home in Lahore.Read More