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A Spice Spoon Short Film and New Website Coming Soon!

Spice Spoon Film

Hello, lovelies! Please accept my apologies for not blogging regularly as of recent, but it’s all for a very valid reason, I promise you. The thing is, I have been working on a couple of very exciting, new projects.

I have been planning all of this for the past six months and now, all of it is slowly coming to fruition.Read More

My Interview with Labels e-Magazine in Pakistan

Shayma Saadat Labels e-Magazine

Hello, lovelies. The amazing Sanam Lakhani contacted me for an interview for a magazine she writes for, Labels e-Magazine in Pakistan. Sanam is herself a very accomplished chef with a diploma from the very prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London. It was a privilege to be interviewed by her. This magazine is planning to do a few features which highlight culinary work being done by Pakistanis around the world. I look forward to reading about other Pakistani cooks in the next few issues of this magazine.

For now, I hope you enjoy my interview in the September 2013 issue!

There are some letters in between words (example ‘fngers’) which are missing in the interview (they seem like typos) – this is a glitch with the PDF conversion – I shall upload a new file in the next few days. Here is the link to the feature.