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The Spice Spoon in The Globe and Mail

Today I was featured in The Globe and Mail, Canada’s largest English-language circulation newspaper, on the front page of the Globe Life section. The article was entitled: Cooking As Therapy.

Here is the link to the article below.

Candied Orange Peel Lamb Shanks, Khoresht-e-Portaghal

A Persian-Influenced Easter

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter in advance with a Persian-influenced lamb dish. This is based on Khoresht-e-Portaghal; a Persian meat-based stew made with oranges.  Read More

Winner- Food52 Competition-To be Published in Food52 Cookbook

Click here for the winning recipe, and here for my interview, (above).

I am pleased and honoured to share with my readers that my recipe for Borani Esfanaaj won the Food52 competition for ‘Your Best Spinach Recipe’ this week and will be published in a crowdsourced cookbook entitled ‘Food52’ by HarperStudio. (Here is my recipe and the story of inspiration behind it, on my blog).Read More

Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of Pakistan Part V: Glass bangle shopping in Chooriyon wali gali; the Alley of Bangles, Lahore, December 2009.