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Aromatic Rice Pilaf: Yakhni Pulao in the Pakistani / Afghan Manner

Memories of Childhood Summers in Lahore

It was a hot day in Lahore. The kind of day when the Loo wind blows in from the Cholistan Desert, as the sun casts its tungsten-white glow on the people of the city. The canal’s water a dirty brown, small children leaping in one by one, to cool themselves off in the 40C heat. The willow trees lining the bank, drooped and in prostration, praying for the monsoons to come.Read More

Wordless Wednesday

Wonders of Pakistan Part I: Mum-in-law’s caramel custard, (crème caramel), Karachi, January 2010.

Wordless Wednesday

As I am almost over the jet lag after being back from hols in Lahore…

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