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Saffron Rice-Pudding in the Persian Manner, Sholeh Zard

sholeh zard

A Mellow Yellow Fever

In his memoirs; the Tuzk-e-Jahangiri, Mughal Emperor Jahangir expresses his desire to visit Pampore, Kashmir, to see the land where the fields turn amethyst in the Autumn, when the saffron crocus sativus is ready for harvesting. It is from this flower that delicate hands nimbly extract three crimson-hued stigmas, also known as “Red Gold”; the most dear spice in the world. A spice which was once known to be worth its weight in gold.Read More

Maygu Sabzi – Herbed Shrimp with Saffron Butter in the Persian Manner

Shrimps (1 of 1)-2

My father loves inviting people over for dinner. Throughout my childhood, I remember he would often call my mother in the morning from his office desk, telling her that his friend from work will join us for dinner that night. That was easy enough for my Ami to accommodate, because we always had a Pakistani spread on our dining table at home – meat, vegetables or lentils and rice or bread – which made for fun, communal eating. A few hours later, Baba would call again at noon and tell Ami that we need to add place settings for two additional guests.Read More

My First Published Article- Kheer: Rice Pudding in the Pakistani Manner with a Rhubarb-Strawberry Coulis

My first published article came out in Edible Toronto’s Summer Issue. Edible is a magazine based on sustainable food and the farm scene with over 65 chapters across the United States. The inimitable Gail Gordon Oliver is the founder of the Edible Toronto chapter in Canada. The article was about my move from Rome, Italy to Toronto, Canada a year and a half ago, and the aromas of my childhood which made me feel at home in a new city.

Here is the link to the article, which I have also pasted below, with the recipe and a video of myself talking about kheer.Read More

‘Cooking Along the Silk Route’ Organic Vegan Private Cooking Class and Wine Dinner – April 2

Do you want to be a part of a small, intimate group of 6 and learn how to prepare a three-course vegan dinner, using organic produce? Then join me in my kitchen, in Yorkville, on Sunday, April 2nd, and let’s prepare dishes rooted in the cuisine of the Silk Route. Since we are a small group, everyone will be assigned cooking-related tasks. We will prepare the food together, as a team. At the end of the evening, we will sit down and share a meal, family-style. I will provide wine pairings – and you are also welcome to BYOW.

Impress your friends with a vegan meal using the pantry spices of the Silk Route kitchen:

Aperitif Paul Delane Cremant de Bourgogne Reserve
Spiced Fritters chickpea flour, seasonal vegetables, cumin, mint 
Relish plum and date
Salsa tomato coriander

Red Vallée des Aigles 2013 – Grenache Blend
Scented Pilaf basmati, five-spice mix, caramelised onions
Lentil Stew red lentils, roasted carrots, cavolo nero, fresh dill
Shirazi Salad pomegrante, shallots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lime, fresh mint

Digestif Amaro Nonino
Crushed Rice Pudding with Maple Roasted Apples crushed rice, almond milk, cardamom, apples, Quebec maple syrup.
Persian Tea cardamom, saffron rock crystal 

A booklet of these family recipes

We will eat dinner at 8PM.

Please Note:
This is not a nut-free / gluten-free facility. Wines are not vegan – an article on this subject here.

If you have any questions, please email me for further details:
shayma (at) thespicespoon (dot) com.

All sales are final. Tickets available through Eventbrite here.